“I read something about you online…”

Last week I was in a meeting with a partner and he said, “I read something about you online and want to know if it’s true”. The feeling I got very much replicated that feeling when you’re driving and see a Police car and suddenly question your driving ability. But it’s ok PR; he was asking about the book challenge!

Back in January, I declared I was going to read 100 books during 2019. There was part of me that thought it was utterly ridiculous but I was ready for the challenge and unashamedly excited. Over the last 11 months I’ve focused on various topics but there has been a common theme of trying to understand myself and others mainly relating to: communication, motivations and leadership.

*drum roll*

With 7 weeks to go, I’m reading book 69. Am I happy? Yes!

When reading “Silent Guides” back in July it talked about how you determine ‘Success’. Often success is based on what you have achieved, when in fact it would be more helpful to judge success on how much you have tried. This certainly resonated with me and changed my thinking about the challenge.

Although reaching 100 books in a year would be highly satisfying for my competitive (slightly stubborn) self, “Silent Guides” reminded me that didn’t want to lose focus on: the reasons why I started the challenge, the learning along the way, the satisfaction gained and the way this challenge has changed my habits and focus.

And guess what, everything I set out to achieve, I have achieved:

  • I’ve formed a habit.
  • I’ve learnt A LOT and actioned A LOT.
  • It has been a challenge and it’s definitely pushed me.
  • I have been inspired – by the authors, by the people around me who have taken up reading more and by myself.
  • The quiet time recharging has been crucial for by mental health.

So as that time of year approaches when you’re setting goals, just remember:

  • Plant nudges around you until your new habit is formed; all of the people who have asked me how my challenge is getting on. THANK YOU for holding me to account (It’s exactly why I declared my challenge on the Internet!)
  • Know your goal.
  • Know your why.
  • Know the desired actions.
  • Know how to define success.
  • Know how to measure.
  • Reflect on your progress.
  • Be disciplined but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t all go to plan.

My new and updated (realistic) aim for the next 7 weeks is to make it to 85 books!

What’s your 2020 challenge?


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