You’ve got this.

When the pandemic hit, like many I was worried about what this meant for the people around me, our sector and my career. There was (and still is) so much click bait, so many ‘experts’ coming out of the woodwork, yet so many unknowns.

Organisations were looking at me for answers. Answers I truly did not have. My imposter syndrome was in full flow. At its peak I told my coach that I may not even want to work in Workplace / FM anymore (Luckily she unpicked my brain and I was soon fired up to go again).

I have had some really horrible days. A mixture of the pandemic and anxieties that come with it, work worries, the imposter syndrome, being stuck in the house and of course, my wife breaking her ankle and her being dependent on me.

I have also had truly awesome days; days where I have felt on top form and in full flow. I’ve had a lot of days somewhere in-between.

I’ve been working on a number of projects across a range of sectors on a global scale:

  • Reimagining workplace strategies.
  • Fit-out projects.
  • Redesigning of spaces and new furniture.
  • A number of tenders.
  • Space booking platforms.
  • Reviewing visitor management journeys.
  • Ensuring Covid secure workplaces.

300 different spaces. Over 10,000 people.

In addition, I’ve done a silly amount of webinars, wrote articles, ran roundtables and chaired the IWFM Workspace SIG.

I’ve listened like I’ve never listened before, I have questioned, criticised, reflected and used it all to refine what it is that I can help people with.

This isn’t me showing off; far from it. I have been on the brink of burnout a number of times and the bad days, were bad. I know it’s all gloom and doom and I just really want to give you some hope that not only that this will this all pass; but we’ll all be more resilient, connected and tuned into our purpose because of it.

  • Continue to learn.
  • Network (even on the days where you really haven’t got the energy).
  • Look after yourself: breaks, water, food, exercise, sleep, rest!
  • Have time to just ‘BE’ not ‘DO’.
  • Talk to those around you.
  • Give back.
  • Stay true to your values and purpose.
  • Take time to reflect.
  • Remember your worth.

Use those different parts of your brain (and heart!).

It’s ok to not have the immediate answers when you have your experiences, mindset, values and relationships. As my coach always says ‘the mind that asks the question, knows the answer’.

A huge thank you to all of those who have been alongside me over the last few months, it means more than I have previously ever expressed 🙂

Physically distant, emotionally connected.

You’ve got this,



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