Behind the Scenes

I hope this helps to explain why I said, "please just bloody buy it". #TheHumanCentricWorkplace #Book #Author #Leadership #Workplace

The Challenge is Real

Back in April I did an initial round-up of the PR that had been released in relation to return to office/hybrid/remote first plans. Here's a little update as to where the world is right now according to the press... Office Centricity vs Hybrid vs Remote First Whilst all the PR continues, there are real people behind it.... Continue Reading →

The Onward Journey

HR, IT, FM, leadership, well-being, and finance, it doesn’t matter where we are, we all need the intelligence to appreciate and communicate with each other’s worlds and make informed decisions together. Ali Khan and myself are ready for the onward journey, are you? #OnwardJourney #SHAPE #HumanCentric #Design #Data

Protecting Yourself from a Narcissistic Leader

Historically, there has almost been an acceptance that senior leaders will have (and even should have) narcissistic personality traits. One one hand, there can be commercial benefits to the organisation, but the methods to achieve results are too often to the detriment of others’ emotional and psychological well-being. As such, the commercial benefits can soon... Continue Reading →

New Ways of Living

2016/17 saw a surge in popularity for "New Ways of Working" which ultimately focused on increasing flexibility, home-based working, and desk sharing, which allowed many organisations to right size their property portfolios. For those implementing NWoW, the impacts were far reaching, with reports of: better work life balance, increases in wellbeing and productivity, financial savings... Continue Reading →

Round-Up: Workplace Intentions 2021

So many organisations have publicly disclosed their future ways of working intentions and it would seem that Hybrid Working has become all about the use of space, rather than about culture, ways of working and employee experience. From memory of reading so many articles, the only organisation to discuss their culture/values/behaviours was Goldman Sachs, and... Continue Reading →


Ok, so we're dreaming of the days where we can have the choice of going to an office again - but definitely not 5 days a week. The pandemic has accelerated the genie escaping from the bottle and hybrid working is the talk of the town. People want the ability to have some structure and... Continue Reading →

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