Adulting is hard; it’s time to play

Hey Everybody! Today's writing is a bit different. A bit less work related. A bit more me related. When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to grow up. I wanted to go to work, earn money, play football all weekend, play FIFA, stay up late, and eat whatever I wanted. Ok, so I can... Continue Reading →

Protecting Yourself from a Narcissistic Leader

Historically, there has almost been an acceptance that senior leaders will have (and even should have) narcissistic personality traits. One one hand, there can be commercial benefits to the organisation, but the methods to achieve results are too often to the detriment of others’ emotional and psychological well-being. As such, the commercial benefits can soon... Continue Reading →

You’ve got this.

When the pandemic hit, like many I was worried about what this meant for the people around me, our sector and my career. There was (and still is) so much click bait, so many 'experts' coming out of the woodwork, yet so many unknowns. Organisations were looking at me for answers. Answers I truly did... Continue Reading →

The battle between my rebel, my imposter and I. Here’s the truth.

A few weeks ago I joined Amanda Cookson and Ken Blackwell to chat all things human workplace. It was Wednesday and it was already my third 'public speaking engagement' of the week. It'd be easy to assume that I take part in speaking/writing engagements just to tell you what I think. Here's the truth. Amanda is a professional coach (Northern Value... Continue Reading →

To infinity and beyond.

At some point you have probably heard the phrase, "You can't please everyone". Let's face it, every person will always have an opinion, right and wrong can often be subjective, we are all the unique product of our own experiences, and we all share different values and beliefs. If that isn't enough, there's also always... Continue Reading →

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