Articles / Whitepapers:

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Workplace Futures (2023) WF23-Whitepaper

Facilities Management Journal (2022) Using digital technology to manage wellbeing in the hybrid world

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Facilitate Magazine (2021) Lack of role models, gaining authority and confidence biggest bars to women in FM

Facilitate Magazine (2021) FMs should be asked how the profession can provide more space for women

This Week in FM (2021) Are you a rebel?

Facilitate Magazine (2021) Outbreaks of Coronavirus ‘require tighter facilities management’ 

Facilitate Magazine (2021) Workers ‘do not feel completely safe in employers’ buildings‘ 

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Tech Target (2020) Ensuring employees remain safe

E&T (2020) How to transition successfully to a new world of work

This Week In FM (2020) Workplace Technology and COVID-19

This Week In FM (2020) More female executives means greater profit margin 

Workplace Insight Magazine (2020) The return to work offers us a unique opportunity to change everything

Facilitate Magazine (2019) Where are the CWO’s?

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Facilitate Magazine (2018) The Emergence of Workplace



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