Work life balance

It has been 5 weeks since my last post; something which has brought me to this very topic.

Work life balance: a concept of prioritising work (career and ambition) and lifestyle (health, family, leisure time and relationships).

Is “work life balance” becoming one of the most abused clichés in the workplace alongside the beanbags and the ping-pong tables? 

Every time we read an article we’re told:

  • Turn your emails off.
  • Just say no.
  • Worker smarter, not longer.
  • Draw a line between home and work.
  • Choose ‘good enough’ over ‘perfection’.
  • Don’t be a martyr.
  • Set our own rules; stick to your rules.
  • Be aware of the adrenaline addiction.
  • Exercise.
  • Sleep.

…And all of this will result in us all being: more productive, happier, less stressed, healthier, more engaged and more mindful.  It all sounds a bit too obvious right? It comes down to choice:

  • Are you choosing to work late?
  • Are you choosing to read your emails at home?
  • Are you choosing to say “yes” to more work, more projects, more pressure?
  • Are you choosing to crawl in to bed at 1am for 5 hours of sleep?
  • Are YOU choosing work over life?

What are the sacrifices you are making? What is it that drives you? What is your purpose?

Naughty food vs. exercise, spending vs. saving, family vs. friends, your own needs vs. others, work vs. life.

Only you can choose your balance.

Have a great week everybody!


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