How to collaborate effectively in the post-pandemic world

Today I want to talk about collaboration. On one hand the pandemic has taught us valuable lessons about why/when/how to collaborate. On another, we still have a long way to go.

New Ways of Living

2016/17 saw a surge in popularity for "New Ways of Working" which ultimately focused on increasing flexibility, home-based working, and desk sharing, which allowed many organisations to right size their property portfolios. For those implementing NWoW, the impacts were far reaching, with reports of: better work life balance, increases in wellbeing and productivity, financial savings... Continue Reading →


Ok, so we're dreaming of the days where we can have the choice of going to an office again - but definitely not 5 days a week. The pandemic has accelerated the genie escaping from the bottle and hybrid working is the talk of the town. People want the ability to have some structure and... Continue Reading →

New ways of working (or not).

In July I wrote a blog 'A world of pure re-imagination' capturing the evolving nature of the Workplace. 5 months on and I see organisations on a continuum of: the wishful thinkers, the short termers, the seekers and the brave and rebellious. Where Organisations are on this continuum is changing daily (even hourly), across the leadership, across... Continue Reading →

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